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Jesus came to change life now, and not just for what’s happens after you die. Jesus started his public ministry by stating he had come to proclaim good news for the poor, freedom for the prisoners, sight for the blind, and freedom for the oppressed. Jesus is present today to heal and empower us personally as well as enlisting us to assist him in his mission to bring freedom, dignity, new opportunities, and life to those around us.


Come join us as we get to know Jesus together and follow him into his great adventure of love and transformation.


The Only Thing that Counts is Faith Expressing Itself through Love

— Galatians 5:6

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Growing with God.

Serving each other, the campus, the city, and the world.

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The way we live our lives matters. Jesus clearly called us to respond. He called us to minister to the marginalized and to correct injustice. He told us to examine ourselves before we try to correct others and to bring correction with love and gentleness. Systematic and personal racism, poverty, sexism, hunger, favoritism, and indifference are just a few of the practices Jesus called us to change. Together we seek out Jesus' perspective and answers to these injustices.

Every group is made up of individuals. Societies change because the individuals within them change, and we acknowledge that the change must begin with us. Through studying the Bible together, praying together, and serving together, Jesus brings the power for those changes.


Above The Haze is a Boston University Christian student organization focused on growth, community, service, and leadership development. We are part of Chi Alpha Campus Ministry, an international student movement.

We believe personal engagement is an important part of campus life and an essential part of the Christian life. We have a chance to live our lives with Jesus rather than just learn about him. Our lives are transformed, love is expressed, and justice grows when we actively engage with Jesus, Scripture, people, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus' mission.

The Bible

For millennia lives, cultures, and civilizations have been transformed through God's communication in the form of the Bible. Together, we learn to understand and apply the teaching it holds.

The Holy Spirit

We worship and follow a God who is always close. The Bible describes one God who is also three persons. Jesus did not leave us alone when he physically left the earth. He gave us a new and dynamic relationship by giving us his Holy Spirit as a guide, healer, teacher, and equipper. Jesus brings us comfort and strength through him while allowing us to aid him in bringing healing to those around us. The work of the Holy Spirit is necessary for what Jesus described as a normal Christian life.


God did not intend us to follow him alone. God binds us together as a source of encouragement and strength. Jesus taught about love more than any other topic, and love is not a solo act. It is through community that we learn and grow in our love, acceptance, and forgiveness, reflecting the character of Jesus.


Jesus calls us to believe in him, put our trust in him, and appy his teaching. The Bible calls this being a disciple. Jesus challenges all of us to become his disciples. Our response is to follow Jesus together just as he modeled with his first disciples. Together we aim to be transformed by Jesus as we learn about the new life he offers us.


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